Sunday, December 26, 2004

Contact Us

Cross and Crown Mission, Inc.
1008 N. McKinley
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Email: Cross and Crown


Anonymous said...

A correction to your mailing list (I received duplicate mailings):

LaVerne Beougher and
G. LaVerne Beougher

Thank you.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous G.Haymon said...

Cross and Crown is a joke!

Of the many people who work at the church a good many of the 30 some age group are on a power and control trip.

They tell a person that in order to get any help with eyeglasses that a person has to come to the church many times (approx 9 times).

Well I went at least 15 times, donated at least 30 brand new stuffed animals, clothing and other items, and they wouldn't help me with eye-glasses.

I am blind without glasses and I need them to drive, or to even to walk at night especially. Otherwise I could easily fall. I also have cataracts which creates further blindness and night vision problems.

These so called Christians "do not care". They act like the donated money and goods is there own, and not the people's.

Well, I'm planning to create a web-site about these and other corrupted, passive aggressive, uncaring, backstabbing, so called Christians.

You can contact me for now at:

2:07 PM  
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