Thursday, December 30, 2004

Here we are to worship

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Four years ago, Cross & Crown began opening its doors to its neighbors on Sunday nights for a meal and prayer time. This special time has grown and most Sunday nights brings more than a hundred individuals - some are homeless, some haven't had a meal all week, some come to find a glimpse of Jesus.

Dozens of volunteers, made up of house church groups, youth groups, families and friends volunteer to bring hot meals and interact with those who come physically and spiritually hungry.

Jesus told us that He is the living water that sustains us, and a longing became stronger to offer a more meaningful worship experience on those Sunday nights at the mission.

Paul and Suzanne Whitmire, Don and Martha Bryant and other members of the Cross and Crown board prayed that God would show them how to best utilize the time to fill the soul and the stomach.

Now, each Sunday night features a worship service with songs in English and Spanish. Volunteers lead praise and worship time, and other volunteers prepare boxes meals in the back. Still more volunteers take the children for crafts and a Bible story.

The first night, more than 100 seekers came to praise the Lord, share communion and be ministered to through prayer and worship. The crowd has grown each week. Afterwards, everyone shares a meal and individual prayer time.

What every one takes away with them is renewed hope and assurance that Jesus loves us and is always with us.

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Cindy Minor
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Among the dozens of faithful volunteers who give of their time, their compassion and their professional expertise each week at Cross and Crown, there is Cindy Minor, RN.

She works in the medical clinic and says many of the needs of her patients revolve around hypertension, diabetes, chronic pain, and health problems related to addiction to alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

She's there every Tuesday. She's busy, but she always has a smile for you.

She's a busy mom and a busy professional. Why does she do it?

"I come because I see Jesus here."

Warmth for winter

Coats for winter
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The uncharacteristically warm weather for December won't last all winter. When the temperatures dip again, the need for warm clothing will rise. Thanks to the many volunteers, including the youth group at Quail Springs Church of Christ and Grace United Methodist for collecting hats and gloves. Coats are always needed, and more requests are coming for large sizes such as XX.

In addition, thermal underwear, sweaters, blankets, socks, chapstick, boots and other items to protect against the harsh elements of winter are needed.


Monday, December 27, 2004

Learn about Cross and Crown

Welcome to Cross & Crown Mission online. We are posting on this free blog service to help keep interested readers up-to-date on what God is doing for those who come for prayer and services in this neighborhood close to downtown Oklahoma City. We hope you will check in often to be encouraged with testimonies, see how you can help with needs and how you can pray for this special inner-city ministry.

The mission of Cross & Crown is to proclaim the love, mercy and hope of Jesus Christ through service and prayer.

Cross & Crown was founded in 2001, and we will tell you all about that in a later posting. It's a great God story. Paul and Suzanne Whitmire felt a calling to do this ministry - but they didn't have their own blueprint or master plan, of exactly what they would do. They left all of it up to God.

So they prayed. And the ministry began to take shape. Food baskets. Clothing closet. AA meetings. Medical clinic. After school programs. Sunday night church. Meals. School store. Christmas store. Transitional housing. Job training. Help with addiction. And they continue to pray, and every need is met with willing volunteers - and funding. Sometimes the volunteers are children who collect shoes from their neighbors to give to the children beginning school without any shoes. Sometimes the volunteers are doctors, contractors or accountants who treat patients, fix the roof or set up computer systems. Sometimes the funding comes from piggy banks full of pennies. Sometimes it's large checks from anonymous donors.

The main focus of Cross & Crown is prayer. The mission helps people with their physical needs, but, time and time again, it has been shown that people come for the prayer. They seek the Lord at Cross & Crown and He is there.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

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