Monday, December 19, 2005

Department store merchandise ... Rock Bottom Prices!

He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor, his righteousness endures forever, his horn will be lifted high in honor. Psalm 112:9

For one week out of the year, the sanctuary at Cross & Crown is transformed into an inviting retail venue that rivals anything you would see at the mall. There is a coat department, a shoe department, an underwear department, a perfume department, a game section, and of course, lots and lots of toys.

What's missing are the crowds and the price tags.

The Christmas Store at Cross & Crown serves approximately 85 families each year, representing about 350 family members. Parents come at their appointment time for a private shopping extravaganza where they select gifts for every member of their family!

Every parent wants to give good gifts to their children, just at God wants to give good gifts to us! One parent graciously came offering thanks last year saying, “That’s the best Christmas our family has ever shared. If it had not been for God allowing this through this mission, we would not have had anything. Thank you.”

Many, many, many generous givers have made sure that the Christmas Store was stocked this year. Thank you. God worked through you and your many acts of giving bring Him glory. Your generosity also will bring many smiles Christmas morning from happy children and relieved parents who were delivered from their burden of not being able to provide gifts to their children!

God is gracious and He loves us. Let's thank him for all He has done.

World Peace

Santa came to Cross and Crown last night. As the long line of children filed through telling Santa of their dream for a GameBoy, a remote control car, a Barbie, an Xbox 360s ... one boy, Darwin announced he wanted peace for the world.

Santa told Darwin world peace starts with getting along with his brother at home!

Thanks to everyone who donated the gifts, food and volunteered for our Christmas party. It was an amazing night.

We are blessed.